The Journey to a Healthy You...

When you come to our clinic, we will address all of the negative factors that are affecting your health. We evaluate your body individually to create a health program just for your body.

There are six keys to creating superior health.

The answer to "how do you live a healthy life in an unhealthy world" is the Six Steps to Wellness. This comprehensive program - the result of thirty five years of intensive research is - your key to better health.

The Six Steps to Wellness are:

* Structure
* Electro Magnetic Therapy
* Nutrition
* Emotional Therapy
* Detoxification
* Allergies and Sensitivities

These steps represent all six of the major steps of your journey to optimum health.

Kinetic Genetics Assessment™

If you know your genetic risks, you CAN do something about it!

Unlock your genetic potential .

Genetic defects or variants can lead to chronic illness, pain, inflammation, disease and emotional imbalances (i.e. anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bipolar disorder, post partum depression and many others). Dr. Fetter assesses these genetic variants using a very new science of DNA testing and/or Applied Kinesiology. This assessment reveals extremely valuable information about how and why disease has presented in an individual. A nutrition bridge can then be created around your specific genetic variants. These nutritional bridges have the ability to change the way our genes are expressed. These changes in genetic expression pave the way for a whole new level of healing. We are truly working with the root causes of disease and imbalances.

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